I think its fair to say at this point in the game, that full length albums are pretty much dead. Even if thats the format most bands are still putting out music, I think its clear that, no one really listens to music that way anymore. It’s not worth talking about old vs new ways of listening to music, I believe whatever works best for the listeners, is the best way. Anyways thats not what this whole post is about..

End Hits are doing a full length album. The simplest reason is because we want to. All 3 of us, still enjoy full albums, and the idea of doing our own is exciting to us. Lawson just did his first full length early this year with his other project Scrap Kids check it out HERE  it’s great and HJ plays drums on it.

Doing this full length is something we’ve been talking about since we started the band back in Nov. of 2012. It’s kind of crazy to think that this started that long ago, or is crazy that I think two years is long ago?  We’ve been chatting back and forth for the last few weeks, about how its time to get this thing started, as said earlier we started with a good foot forward earlier this week. Listening to full lengths is one thing, but writing one is something different. The process of getting with some of your best buds in life, and spending that amount of time working on a long list of tracks for this upcoming full length, in the end will be what is remember most by the 3 of us, and the end disc will be the documentation of it.


Welcome 2

Here is a new blog, about our new album. We started working on tunes for it yesterday 11-10-14. We jammed on a lot of new ideas for this upcoming full length, that we plan to put out sometime in early 2015. So far we have 3 songs in the early to mid stages of being finished. A lot more ideas to work on.  Interesting ideas coming for all 3 of us, and lots of riffs to work on.  Moving forward from the split, and ep.  We played one of the new songs back in June or July or whenever our last show was, but we’re adding some spice to it. A lot of juice.